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Edward J. Harvey

Scholarship Fund Overview

The purpose of the Edward J. Harvey Scholarship Fund is to help deserving young people to acquire an education that will enable them to become self-supporting, useful citizens.




Any person with a legal residence in Ashtabula County as determined by post office address and who will be graduating from a high school in Ashtabula County is eligible to apply for this scholarship. An applicant must be planning to attend any higher education institution on a full-time basis.  An institution must be accredited by a regional accrediting association.

Scholarship recipients will become ineligible for future grants if placed on probation for more than one term consecutively.

Preferences will be given to students showing financial need and satisfactory academic achievement or ability (GPA of 2.5 or above).  The following rubric has been selected as a guideline in the selection process for a total of 100 points:

GPA - 25 points

ACT/SAT Scores - 15 points

Income/Financial Need - 25 points

Essay - 10 points

Outside Activities - 25 points


Payment Details

The number of awards each year is contingent upon the number of continuing student awards. The number of scholarships may vary if the funds available increase or decrease.


Scholarships are renewable for up to four years for undergraduate degrees.  A formal request for renewal is required each year. The submission of a current transcript and the college tuition statement constitutes a formal request. It is the responsibility of the recipient to submit a transcript and college tuition statement to The Ashtabula Foundation to be considered for renewal. These documents must be received on or before January 15th and August 15th. Failure to meet these timelines will null and void the payment of the scholarship. Checks will be mailed to the recipients' residence and payable to the recipient. *Please note that there is a two-week processing period for the issuance of checks.  In the event the student withdraws or becomes ineligible during the term, the refund is to be made payable to The Ashtabula Foundation.



Individuals must submit a completed application along with a copy of your signed high school transcript, a copy of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, and/or a copy of your SAR (Student Aid Report) and 500-word essay directly to the Edward J. Harvey Scholarship Fund Committee, c/o The Ashtabula Foundation, 4510 Collins Boulevard, Suite 6, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004, postmarked by the last business day in March. Awards will be made no later than then mid May. 

In 1966, the Ashtabula Foundation received a bequest from Edna B. Harvey to create the Edward J. Harvey Scholarship Fund in honor of her husband.  The scholarship was designed to help deserving young people acquire an education that will enable them to become self-supporting, useful citizens.  Please click the link below to download the Scholarship application.

Please note that paper forms are available at all Ashtabula County High School guidance offices as well as The Ashtabula Foundation office.

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