By making a donation to the Ashtabula Foundation, you can help to continue the valuable philanthropic work of the Foundation to ensure that future generations benefit from your generosity. Whether you create a donor-advised fund to benefit a specific organization, or donate to the general fund of the Foundation, you will join the other benefactors whose gifts have enriched the lives of Ashtabula County citizens since 1922. We are grateful for the support and generosity of the below individuals who are committed to the betterment of Ashtabula County:

  • R.H. Pfaff, Founder

  • Fred K. Lewis

  • Amelia E. Pfaff

  • John H. Mitchell

  • Mildred Carol Hill

  • Miles F. Allen

  • Marie Kahne

  • Gertrude Kahna

  • Adolphus S. and Ella S. Hale

  • William Searcy Scholarship

  • Edward Harvey Scholarship

  • Maynard and Emily Walker

  • Howard and Darlene Andrus