Procedures for Grants $5,000 and below

All non-profit organizations within Ashtabula County that have been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service are eligible to apply for a grant from The Ashtabula Foundation.  All grant funds received from The Ashtabula Foundation must be used for the benefit of Ashtabula County residents.

An organization can submit only one application per year. Applications are limited to one project or program. Multiple projects will not be considered.  An organization cannot apply for a grant below $5,000 and a grant of $5,001 and above.  However, the Ashtabula Foundation reserves the right to accept a deserving grant outside of the prescribed schedule or category providing prior approval has been obtained by the applicant.

While grants may be approved for start-up of new endeavors, grants for ongoing operating funds will be considered based on extenuating circumstances.  Decisions of the Board of Trustees are final and not appealable.

Grant Categories

Grant applications are divided into the following six categories:

Human Services




Community Development/Other


The category should be selected based on the purpose of the organization, and not the program or project.  
Applications for $5,000 or less can be submitted at any time prior to November 15th of the calendar year.  A committee will review the grant and render a decision in a timely manner.

How to Apply

By clicking the link below, you will be directed to the online grant portal.  It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the program.  “Bookmark” the login page for easier access in the future. Please note: We cannot accept grant requests via U.S. Mail or via Email. Applying for a grant (including letter of intents) must be filed through our online grant portal. (Scroll down and click on the blue box - Grant Portal)

New applicants are required to register by clicking “Create New Account” on the login page. A preview of the application is available for you to view the requirements within the application.

Returning applicants log on to the system using your e-mail address and the Password.  Please do not create a second, new user account.  There is a prompt to assist if you need a password reminder.

After log-in, select the category for which you are applying from the list above and proceed to complete the application. 

If you have any questions during the process, please contact Kelley Katon with questions at (440) 992-6818 or Thank you.