Roy Bean Celebrates 30 Years of Service with the Ashtabula Foundation!

Our Mission: “For the Betterment of Ashtabula County”

                                    By Roy H. Bean


The name R.H. Pfaff may not mean anything to many, but it was this community leader that had a vision that has benefitted thousands of Ashtabula County residents for 96 years.  Mr. Pfaff was the founder of The Ashtabula Foundation in 1922.  With his initial contribution of $5,000 and followed donations from family members and others in the community, the foundation commenced to meet the needs of a few non-profit organizations.

Over those many years, thousands of grants have been made to numerous non-profit organizations such as the arts, churches, libraries, hospitals, museums, schools, etc., benefiting many in our county.  The Foundation’s assets have been provided by many donors over the years who found a great sense of satisfaction knowing that their gifts and financial support is for the benefit of residents in Ashtabula County.

Today, the number of requests that are received keep growing and the dollar amounts continue to increase.  To meet the challenges in our community, the Trustees of the Ashtabula Foundation have developed a “2nd Century Campaign”, with specific goals to be achieved by 2022, our 100th Anniversary.  Over that time the intent is to seek donors that will help fulfill our mission and establish a legacy that will remain for decades in the minds of the beneficiaries.

On a personal note, in 1988, I was approached by the Trustees of the Ashtabula Foundation to serve as a Trustee.  I was deeply honored to be asked and was quick to reply that it would be my pleasure.  Little did I know that it is not easy to give out money.  When you have a budget to meet and the number of requests and dollar amounts exceed the budgeted amount, it becomes difficult to make decisions.  In this process we, the Trustees, ask ourselves many things, such as, is the request a high priority for “the betterment of Ashtabula County”?  Is the amount requested justified?  How many people will benefit, a few or many?  How does the request compare to other past similar requests?  What is the financial and management status of the organization?

After 30 years, I am still honored to be a Trustee and truly enjoy working with this great team.

If you have specific question regarding the Ashtabula Foundation or have an interest in being a donor, please call our office at 440-992-6818 or view our web-site:   Our annual report is available upon request.  Please call or stop by the office to obtain a copy. 

Roy H. Bean

Bio:  Roy H. Bean has lived in Ashtabula County all his life and has lived in North Kingsville for 41 years.  He has worked as a High School Teacher, Banker for 30 years and as a Business Consultant.    He was also an instructor at Lakeland Community College and Youngstown State University.  He is married to Selene (Lillie) Bean and has two children, Lisa Bean and Jason Bean.  Great joy is taken spoiling four grandchildren:  Hannah, Ben, Brooke & Zoey.

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