Geneva Youth Philanthropy Club

After three years running, the Geneva High School Youth Philanthropy Club continues to spur a spirit of giving and emphasize the importance of being philanthropic among students.  It is the goal of this student group to spread kindness and assistance to the ends of their community at the means of their dedication to the task.

Under the leadership of Club Advisor Ms. Marie Skidmore, and the yearly grant of five thousand dollars from the Ashtabula Foundation, student members work together to choose a selection of local, non-profit organizations whom students feel strongly about lending aid to and will benefit from donation.  As a member of the Geneva Youth Philanthropy Club, students learn about non-profit groups, grant writing, and grant selection process.

A philanthropic attitude and willing dedication is not possessed by every student.  For this reason, student members of Philanthropy are nominated by teachers and staff who have observed strong leadership qualities, character, and academic excellence in a potential member.  The students selected have the desire to become committed contributors and strengthen community.  Moreover, members make Philanthropy a priority, working it around schedules and committing time to making a difference.

By the giving of time, talent, and money, the Youth Philanthropy Club is able to spread these values not only to their peers, but to the community at hand while instilling imperative ideals for the future of their generation.

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