Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Ashtabula Foundation consists of eleven members.  The volunteer Trustees are residents of Ashtabula County who are committed to continuing the charitable purposes for which the Ashtabula Foundation was founded.

The members have expertise in the fields of finance, education, religion, healthcare, and business.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for investing money while continually looking ahead to ensure future funds are available for those in the county who need them.

The Trustees are elected to serve an unlimited term.  Historically, many Trustees have served for more than 30 years. The current Trustees have more than 140 years of combined experience with the Board.


2019 Trustees

John D. Dolan, President

Joseph A. Misinec, Jr., Vice President

William W. Hill, Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryle J. Chiaramonte, Past President

G. Richard Coblitz, Trustee

Roger A. Corlett, Trustee

Roy H. Bean, Trustee

Jerome R. Brockway, Trustee

Timothy N. Green, Trustee   

Carolyn J. Turk, Trustee

Glen W. Warner, Trustee


To learn more about each of the Trustees, please follow this link.