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For the Betterment of Ashtabula County
Since 1922



The Ashtabula Foundation is a philanthropic organization whose primary mission is the betterment of Ashtabula County through the administration of funds consistent with the intent of donors to address the significant needs of Ashtabula County.



A sizeable, growth-oriented foundation serving as the primary Ashtabula County philanthropic organization, benefitting the people of Ashtabula County by serving as a proactive and responsive force in addressing charitable, religious,  educational, quality of life, and other worthy causes.




Jerome R. Brockway, Ph.D

J. Trombley Kanicki

Michelle R. McClure

Joseph A. Misinec, Jr.,

Rev. Glen W. Warner

Roy H. Bean, Emeritus

Carolyn J. Turk, President

Timothy N. Green, Vice-President

Roger A. Corlett, Treasurer

Lynn M. Zalewski, Secretary

Cheryle J. Chiaramonte

G. Richard Coblitz

Your Gift Leaves a Lasting Legacy...


When you think of making a donation to the Ashtabula Foundation, think about the impact your donation will have. Do you want to make a lasting impact with an organization you have worked with in the past? Have you received services from an organization, and you want to show your gratitude and support? Do you want to make a donation in honor of someone special to you – or to honor the memory of a loved one?

Your donation to the Ashtabula Foundation will ensure that your generosity will continue to make a lasting impact on our community.

A donation to the general fund of the Foundation will be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board receives applications from non-profits in Ashtabula County in the categories of Human Services, Recreation & Conservation, Education, Religion, Arts/Culture/Historical, and Community Development. After conducting due diligence, the Board votes to approve those grants that will make the greatest impact on the community.

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